Xinyu Aircon provides most aircon servicing works for both residential and commercial premises. The basic aircon servicing deals can be breakdown into 4 different categories as stated:
  • One-Time General Servicing and Air con Maintenance
  • Yearly Contract Aircon Servicing and Aircon Maintenance
  • Aircon Chemical Wash (Chemical Cleaning) Service
  • Checking & Troubleshooting of Air Con Fault
  • Repair Service for Aircon Circuit Board

Scope of job: General Service

1)Clean air filter of indoor unit
2)Clean blower wheel and fan blades
3)Check condensate water drain, drain pump and drain lines
4)Vacuum drain lines to eliminate build up jelly and foreign particles
5)Top up refrigerant if necessary (FOC for R22) – under normal operation
6)Blow outdoor Condensing unit system
7)Check and monitor the condition of switch & accessories
8)Check to ensure proper operation of thermostat

Scope of job: Chemical Wash

1)Clean air filters & cover with chemical
2)Vacuum drain with Chemical
3)Cleaning of blower wheel wiith Chemical
4)Cleaning cooling coil with Chemical
5)Blow condensing unit
6)Prevention of untimely failure

Scope of job: Chemical Overhaul

1)Pump down a/c system and “off” power
2)Dismantle piping, wiring and drain pipe connection
3)Bring down the Air Conditioner Unit
4)Dismantle PCB board
5)Dismantle cooling coil for chemical wash
6)Chemical wash blower wheel and cover base
7)Dismantle drain pan for chemical wash
8)Refix inital part of the unit
9)Purge system and charge in gas
10)Commissioning and test run
11)blow condenser unit

Scope of job: Chemical Wash(CU)

1)Dismantle Condensing Unit cover
2)Protecting its electric parts from chemical and water
3)Spray Akaline Chemical on the external and internal Heat Transfering Coil
4)Spray water to remove oil, dirt and Chemical thoroughly from the Heat Transfering Coil
5)Blow Heat Transfering Coil and Condensing Unit’s parts with electric power blower
6)Refix intial parts of the unit
7)Charge in gas if necessary
8)Commissioning and test run

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1) All aircon service prices listed are inclusive of 7% GST charges.

2) Payment must be made upon completion of work. We accept cash, local cheque and local credit card (during office operating hour only). Note that credit card payment is not applicable for installation work.

3) All prices and aircon servicing deals listed in the website are for residential premises only. Please contact our coordinator for quotation on commercial premises.

4) Please note that we do not provide 24hrs breakdown attendance.